Waterproof Tags Markers


Most customers want permanent marking on their tags. Our waterproof inks are "reasonable permanent" except for issues with ink fading with some colors (mainly Magenta, Yellow and Orange) when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Permanent Felt Markers available from office supply stores should mark suitably on your waterproof tags. We recommend that you test your marker first, and immerse in water to check that your marker is the correct one. We do not supply at this time.

China Markers with the peel off crayon wrappers are also very popular because they will still work even after your tags are wet. These markers are available from a variety of suppliers and brand names such as Dixon®, Phano® and Sharpie®. Price: $1.50 each.


Laser Printing and Photocopying are not recommended because of the possibility of melting of the plastic. Some customers have had acceptable results, but we caution for careful checking with your laser/copier supplier.