Waterproof Tags

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TuckNTug Self-Tying Tags

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TuckNTug Self-Tying Tag - Magenta
Check out these tough little color coded Tags! TuckNTug Self-Tying Tags tie around the wire in lobster cages, mink cages, mesh traps, wire fences or electrical cords and stay there under the roughest of conditions. Use to identify laundry bags.

Mark dates, weights or other essential information on front or back of these Weatherproof Tags with a China Marker grease pencil or a permanent felt marker.
• Synthetic Waterproof Weatherproof All-Weather Plastic
• Identify Contents by Size, Date, Supplier, etc.
• Bright Colours for viewing in difficult lighting conditions
• Size = 1“x4.5”

Prices: Sold in bundles of 125 tags /bundle @ 12 cents a tag – $15.00 per bundle.
Custom printed tags available for 3000 tag minimum order. Contact us for pricing.

How to Attach Tags
• Crease tag along the length
• Wrap hole end around mesh
• Tuck creased end through hole
• Pull creased end through until notches are secure in the hole
• Tuck under mesh and up for extra security

Samples Available on Request

Create Your Color Codes for Sizes or Dates. Available in 9 different colors which match our Generic Colour Coded Crate Tags.

Color Coded Weigh Scales Use in combination with color coded weigh systems such as the Know Tech Visual Lobster Sorter.

TuckNTug Self-Tying Tag Orange
TuckNTug Self-Tying Tags - Blue
TuckNTug Self-Tying Tags Purple
TuckNTug Self-Tying Tags - Black
TuckNTug Self-Tying Tags - Yellow

Magenta Green Orange Cyan Purple Black Yellow Gray White