Waterproof Tags

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Waterproof Tote Box Tags

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Waterproof Tote Box Tags are ideal for identifying mandatory product information on frozen and wet products. These 2-5/8"x5-1/4"" tags are Weatherproof, Waterproof and All-weather.

The standard information for product, plant number, country of origin, weight and catch location are preprinted. Size-Grade and Lot # information is added with waterproof markers.

Attach tags with a variety of fasteners including cable-ties, tag wires, rubber bands or string.

Fish processors - develop a series of tags for sizes and species along with country of origin, product care and processor information to save time and properly identify your products.

Tote tags are available in three thicknesses. Regular thickness suggested for easy removal when attached with tag wires. Medium and Heavy recommended for additional strength at holes - where  tearing may be a factor.