Waterproof Tags

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Shellfish Tags

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Shellfish require strict tagging to track products from harvest area through to consumer. Waterproof tags provide a durable plastic tag that can be marked on with a variety of waterproof markers to follow the rules, plus a variety of designs to make your company look good at the same time.

These tags show typical tags with care information, shipper's identification and certificate, harvest information, and product information. The rules are lengthy and vary slightly from state to state. Customer is responsible for getting local approval from the proofs we supply prior to printing.

Shellfish-Front-1 is the widest used tag format. This tag can be customized as shown, including Company information, Cert. No., Harvest Location, Types of Shellfish, and quantities.

Retailers, Inform Your Customers information can be printed on the back of the tags as shown on Shellfish-Back-1 for the pricing shown for 2 sided tags. Other back printing can be done for a one-time additional set-up charge.

Shellfish-Front-2 is a sample from Alaska with "Retailers Inform..." on the front. Prices include custom information similar to this sample.

There are a wide variety of shellfish tag set-ups depending on customers circumstances. We encourage customers to customize their tags to include all of the required information to get the maximum value from our tags.

The regulations and wording may be different in your area, so be sure to get confirmation when we supply proof. Proofs are emailed for this purpose.

Regular Weight should be suitable for these tags unless tearing at the holes is an issue.
Deduct  $8.00 per 1000 (Regular Weight) if holes are not required.

One sided tags are suitable in many circumstances.
Deduct $7.00 per 1000 for Regular Weight tags when holes are not required.

Additional D esigns
The samples following show some of the customizing that we can do with your tags to simplify your tagging system and to make your company look good at the same time.

This tall version at the left allows room for more varieties and larger type.


This sample below includes UPC bar code plus company logo.


The next sample shows company logo and blue ink, plus COOL and product handling info.


For colored inks add $37.00 per order.