Waterproof Tags

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Self-Tie Waterproof Tags

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These 9"x1" self-tying tags can be used for a number of different applications where an easy-to-attach waterproof tag is required. Also called loop lock tags, they are popular with tree nurseries and Christmas Tree growers where a waterproof tag is a must.

The slotted hole and the two sets of lock notches will allow a snug fit at approx. 3/4" and 1" diameter. Wrap the tag around a branch, a piece of a wire fence, nursery tree stem, etc, slide the end into the slotted hole, and pull until the first or the second set of lock notch holes engage.

The tags are an alternate to our 1"x3" TuckNTug Tags with additional room for printed information and a looser fitting series of notches for larger diameter products. These tags are custom printed with your choice of wording.

Mark inspection dates with a punch or with a choice of waterproof marking devices for a tag that will hold up to outdoor or underwater environments.