Waterproof Tags

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Scallop Tags

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Two different tags are shown here – the small one is for individual bags of scallops and the larger one is used as a shipping tag for totes containing the smaller bags. Custom sizes can be created. TuckNTug Cage Tags offer a color coding method for source or for quality and size tracking.

Scallop Tote Tag

Scallop tote tag with information

This tag can be attached to totes through the hole and allows for COOL information,CFIA or FDA information, product handling, and scallop size check boxes.

Scallop bag tag with date and lot number

Scallop Bag Tag: This bag tag identified individual bags to the packer and contains date and/or lot number. This size is half the size of the tote tag so these two sizes can be grouped when ordering to benefit from quantity pricing. An alternate size half the size of the Crate Tag is also offered for grouping with Crate Tag orders.