Rules & Regulations


Many of our waterproof tagging products are subject to rules and regulations for their content,, size and materials.

Our role is to create products to assist our customers in following regulations in an accurate and efficient manner. In many instances we recommend tagging with as much of the regulatory information as possible on the tag.

We will assist you in interpreting any regulations that you wish to show us but declare that you the customer are responsible for checking proofs against your specific regulations. We will supply electronic proofs on request for you to submit for approval and we do not print without your approval.

Fishing Industries: Suggested information for lobster and fish tags are COOL (Country of Origin Labeling, plus Wild vs Farmed) for the US market. CFIA plant registration number, and plant identification and contact information for Canadian processors. Product Care information when known. Shellfish - Retailers Warn... info, Shellfish License #s, harvest areas, etc.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Tags, Fire Extinguisher Tags, Backflow Inspection Tags - we show suggested info in our templates but note that there are a number of variations in the way license numbers and individual inspection registration numbers are described. Check our proofs with your state regulator before approving for printing. Let us know if regulations have changed.