Waterproof Tags

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Waterproof Tag Products

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The products listed at the left show a variety of our waterproof, weatherproof, all-weather tags created for specialty purposes in a variety of industries.

Many of these products are unique to waterprooftags.com and have been developed with industry input. Lobster Crate Tags, for example, were created for the IPL® FlapNest™ Plastic Lobster Crate. Other products such as Lumber Bundle Tags and Evidence Tags are replacing existing card tags with a waterproof all-weather product.

Click on the name of the product on your left for descriptions and pricing.

We have a number of tags for miscellaneous use, and welcome inquiries for new applications for our custom made products. Request an online quote, contact us via email, fax, or call toll free (1-800-565-3043 USA & Canada) and we will get back to you promptly.