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Product Display Cards

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Make your products stand out from the competition and hang on racks with these attractive Plastic Display Cards.

These Plastic Product Display Cards are ideal for branding and displaying hardware parts without the need for custom made packaging. Attach the product with a plastic cable tie from the back using the bottom two holes. Hang the products from the top hole and display. Add additional information with labels or markers on front or back of the cards.

Cards are printed on 20 mil polypropylene plastic which is stiff but flexible.

Printing can be arranged to allow for visibility after products are attached.

Holes can be placed according to your needs and additional holes can be drilled by us or punched by end user for unusual product shapes.

The size of the Cajun card is 2-5/8"x5-1/4" - the standard shipping tag size. This supplier of hardware and ropes for commercial and pleasure boats used the cards to brand hardware and allow it to be displayed hanging from the top hole on pegboard and wall displays. See their samples at Cajun Ropes http://www.cajunrope.com/Stainless.html

Other standard and custom sizes can be made and we are willing to work with you to design a display card to work for your special requirements. Price labels and bar code labels can be attached in blank areas or on the backs for additional customization and convenience. Plastic cards are weatherproof and waterproof...... ideal for marine industry and for outdoor use.