Waterproof Tags

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Lumber Bundle Tags

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Durable Waterproof Plastic Tags - Use these waterproof polypropylene tags to mark your lumber bundles. This full color bundle tag measures 12″x7-1/2″ and was designed by Steve Daigle of Paper Signs Ink of Fort Kent, Maine. The tag has a numbered tear-off stub

This exciting use of graphics turns the traditional lumber bundle tag into a tag that will draw the attention of potential consumers in the lumber yard.

Our tag material is weatherproof, waterproof, all-weather polypropylene plastic. Bundle contents, dates, inspectors, etc. can be added with a variety of waterproof markers.

There are a wide range of bundle tag sizes in use. The CAN-AM sample is one of the larger ones.

Tags of a similar size can be made in black ink, and in single and two color designs. Pricing is competitive with self-adhesive paper, and the plastic tags can be attached with strapping or with staples.


This next sample is a 4-1/2″x3″ waterproof tag with check boxes for individual grades. Larger sizes (see pallet tags) and custom sizes are available.

Custom features such as Bar Codes, consecutive numbering, perforated removable portions, and corporate graphics are all available.

Please send us a fax or a sketch of your existing or proposed bundle tag requirements and an idea of quantities and size so we can propose a waterproof tag for your specific needs!