Waterproof Tags

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Ink Colors

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Bright Easy to See Colors

The following Ink Colors are available. The inks have been selected to show up well in poorly lit areas and to be different enough from the others to allow for color coding.

Orange 1509 Ink Swatch
Cyan Ink Swatch
Purple 2593 Ink Swatch
Magenta Process Green Orange 1505 Cyan Blue Purple 2593U
Black Waterproof Ink Swatch
Yellow 109 Waterproof Ink Swatch
Gray 20% Waterproof Ink Swatch
White Color Swatch
Black Yellow 109U 20% Gray White with black

These ink swatches show some simple variations using a tint of the color and using reverse type (white letters on the solid color) for additional design flexibility.

Color Fading in Direct Sunlight: Colored ink shows fading in direct sunlight as follows -
• Visible fading after 3 months – Red, Orange and Yellow.
• Slight fading after 3 months – Blue, Green and Purple
• Minimal Fading after 3 months – Black and Gray

We recommend avoiding Red, Orange and Yellow for tagging in direct sunlight for long periods of time.