Waterproof Tags

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Industry Information

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Click on the industry names to your left to view industry overviews and list of products for that industry.

Construction applications include tagging of rebar units, equipment maintenance and repair tags, waterproof safety signage, pallet tagging and materials identification.

The fishing industry requires color coding, labeling for multiple regulations, strength and durability to track products from the ocean through to the retailer and consumer. Tags for the IPL® FlapNest™ plastic crate are our most popular item, followed by Shellfish Tags, Scallop Tags and printed Tote Tags. TuckNTug Self-Tying Tags go around cage wire and are used on lobster traps and cages, mink cages, computer cables and electrical wires.

Uses for the forestry industry include Christmas Tree Tags, Wreath Tags and Lumber Bundle Tag. Both Tyvek and Plastic are available. Color coding systems and bar codes are frequent requirements for tree tags. Numbering and perforating are available for receipting.

Inspection Services: Water Meter Inspection Tags, Fire Sprinkler Inspection Tags and Backflow Inspection Tags are waterproof and perfect for all conditions.

Manufacturing Our Waterproof Shipping Tags, Outdoor Inventory Tags, TuckNTug Self-Tying Tags and Waterproof Sample Tags, and Color Coded Generic Tags protect the identity of your products under difficult outdoor conditions.

Marinas, Boat Yards and Water Sports love our waterproof material for tagging boats for annual maintenance, sales, repairs or moorings.

Retail Businesses value waterproof tags for pricing outdoor furniture, garden centre items, lawn care equipment and other goods.

We welcome inquiries for new applications for our custom made products. Request an online quote, contact us via email, fax, or call toll free (1-800-565-3043 USA & Canada) and we will get back to you promptly.