Waterproof Tags

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Waterproof Fire Extinguisher Tags

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Waterproof Fire Extinguisher Tags save time and money when bagging extinguisher tags in damp and wet surroundings. For less than a cent a tag over the price of a card stock tag you get a plastic tag that is waterproof, weatherproof, all weather that can be marked on with a variety of waterproof markers.

These tags fulfill many state and city requirements for a durable all-weather tag. These plastic tags are ideal for date punching.

We are tracking the many state, province and city regulations in order to better advise our customers of our recommendations of the various sets of rules.
See Specific Tags listed to the left in the index.
We invite you to share your requirements with us so that we can offer you a better product while fulfilling the regulations. Send us a sample of your existing tag and/or a copy of your regulations so that we can design a tag best suited for your particular needs.

Waterprooftags can set up custom tags including artwork and logos to promote your company brand and affiliations for a one-time additional set-up charge.

Color Background
For black ink on a colored background we offer a choice of Yellow, Orange, Green or Red on the medium (12 mil) thickness.