Evidence Tags


Waterproof Evidence Tags are the perfect replacement for traditional soggy card-stock tag especially when storing outside or in damp surroundings.

These tags are waterproof, weatherproof, all-weather and can withstand outdoor and underwater conditions. Information is added to both sides using a variety of waterproof permanent markers.

These plastic two-sided tags have information for Case Details on the front, and Chain of Possession of Evidence details on the back!

Choose from two convenient sizes for your specific needs!

The tag to your right is 5-1/4"x2-5/8" a standard tag size. These tags are available in a choice of 3 thicknesses. Medium and Heavy are recommended where tags are subject to pulling to reduce chances of tearing at the hole.



Larger Tags like this DFO (Department of Fisheries and Oceans) Exhibit Tag follow the same Case + Chain of Custody but have been custom designed for customer's use.

This design can be modified for your special requirements and allows for larger writing areas, plus easier to recognize in outdoor or warehouse conditions.