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Erasable Waterproof Signs

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Plastic EraseASigns
are the perfect solution for temporary information on a permanent* sign. We print your signs with the permanent* information such as business name, contact information, etc. You add prices, dates, permit numbers etc. with erasable markers so you can change as required.

EraseASign material is 20 mil thickness white polypropylene plastic - stiff enough to not curl. Permanent* information is printed in black waterproof ink. Changing information is added with black or colored erasable markers.

Remarkable Plastic Signs are ideal for seafood, bakery, farmers market and produce price tags, Country of Origin Tags, date tags, and Parking Signs.

Outdoor or Wet Conditions: use Dry Erase Markers with White Board Erase Pads or White Board Cleaner spray and paper tissue.

Indoor (Dry) Conditions: Use Water Soluble Marker and remove with water.

Standard Sizes:

6" x 4-1/2"  - Minimum Custom Order = 500 pieces = 45 cents ea = $225.00

9" x 6"         - Minimum Custom Order = 250 pieces = 90 cents ea = $225.00

12" x 9"       - Minimum Custom Order = 125 pieces = $1.80 each  = $225.00

18" x 12"     - Minimum Custom Order =   60 pieces = $3.75 each  = $225.00

Prices include set-up using the styles and artwork shown and your custom text 
OR PLUS one-time setup charge of $5-$15 for simple setups, and/or $25.00 for logo or your artwork. For other designs send us a sample of your requirements.

*Permanent = Material lasts several years in outdoor conditions = Black Ink lasts several years in outdoor conditions = Colored Inks fade in direct sunlight.