Erasable Waterproof Markers


Erasable Waterproof Signs are an economical substitute for White Boards and Dry Erase Markers. Our EraseASign material is a sturdy white polypropylene plastic sold custom pre-printed or plain.

Dry-Erase  Markers are used for temporary marking.  Examples are Expo (major brand name) $1.48-$1.68 local stationer; Rmarx (Staples brand) 4 for $5.90; and Encore (discount store) 3 for $1.00). Try before you buy if you can!

Erasing Cleaners are required for removing Dry-Eraser. We tested Expo White Board Care Cleaning Wipes (Staples - 50 wipes for $9.99), Rejuvenex Dry-Erase Board Wipes (Dollar Store 50 for $2.00) and Expo White Board Cleaner in a spray bottle part of a marker kit (Staples). Try before you buy if you can!

Water Soluble Markers (Staedler non-permanent Lumnocolour) washes off with water. Waterproof material stays waterproof, but not suitable for wet surroundings. No special wipes required.

Extra Information about marker removal 
There are a wide range of suggestions on how to clean up tags at the above website. We recommend you test with your particular circumstances.