Waterproof Tags

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Custom & Semi-Standard Designs

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Tags are printed from designs created and stored on our computers.

Personalized designs: Most products suggest areas for personalization with company name, address, and contact information, plus regulatory information such as license numbers, permit numbers, export numbers., etc.

Semi-standard designs can be made from most of our samples. Indicate what you want changed on a copy of any of our samples. In most cases there will not be any additional charge for these changes.

New designs can be created for little or no additional charge to the prices listed depending on the work required. Fax or email us the layout or a sample of another tag for us to examine. Set-up charge is a one-time charge.

Artwork and Logos can be added to most designs for an additional one-time charge of $20.00 based on customer supplying a suitable artwork file. Suggested formats are eps, jpg, and pdf and a resolution of 300 dpi. Charge includes converting color artwork to grayscale when appropriate. Customers can supply us with complete artwork.

Waterproof Tags Imprint: Prices are based on including the waterprooftags.com imprint. The imprint is a major marketing tool plus it identifies your order number and promotes proper recycling. Dealers reselling our custom products can have their own dealer imprints.