Waterproof Tags

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Boat Number Tags

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DFO Canada plus a number of other fishing regulators require that fishing gear be identified with the Vessel Registration Number as a means of removing illegal gear and lost gear. These weatherproof, waterproof, all-weather tags show Vessel Registration Number in large 75 mm (3") letters on a 6"x4-1/2" plastic tag. Tags are attached to lobster trap buoys (or other suitable placement) with plastic cable ties to clearly identify gear to DFO and other fishing regulators.

These tags have proven successful in avoiding the need to manually mark buoys with marker pens. Tags attach easily with plastic cable ties.

In Atlantic Canada, the tags are used in the Lobster Fishery and are also called Buoy Tags. In Texas, the tags ate used for Crab Pots.

Optional extra lines of text for Vessel Name and Owner Name and Telephone allow anyone finding lost gear to easily contact the owner.

Minimum quantity requirements and quantity discounts allow local dealers to purchase at quantity prices and resell to fishermen at a profit. Best pricing is for 8 individual different boat number orders of identical quantity, allowing for substantial markup plus savings in individual shipping charges. Dealers can identify themselves on the tags for repeat orders. Fishing gear suppliers, fishermen's co-ops and hardware stores have acted as resellers for individual fishermen.

Waterproof  Gear Boat Registration Tags
Size: 6"x4-1/2" White .020" Polypropylene Plastic
500 -  $245 - min order
1000 - $365.00 
2000 - $580.00
4000 - $900.00 
Price includes printing vessel registration number.
Additional lines for Vessel Name and/or Owner Name and Tel Number - $1.00 per line