Waterproof Tags

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Backflow Tag Custom Designs

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BFlow-39867-Front BFlow-39867-Back

There are many variations in Backflow Tag Designs depending on the State and City regulations and Water Providers requirements.

Waterprooftags.com encourages authorities and customers to develop and improve designs to suit local requirements. We are able to help create offer these designs to the market from this website.
We invite you to contact us with specific regulations and with custom designs to suit your particular requirements.

The tag at the right is a Two Sided Backflow Tag. The front is designed for recording tester's information, valve type and description, plus punch areas for date and device type.
The back has punch boxes for Pass/Fail and area for description of repairs made for 5 years.

These layouts can be easily modified  and personalized with your company information.




The next tag is a Medium Heavy Backflow tag showing a variety of information on the assembly valve plus test date and results.

Wording and areas can be modified as necessary.

Still Cannot Find What The Design That You Want?
Give us an idea of how we can create a backflow to suit your requirements.
We can modify any of the designs featured on our website - name the tag and tell us what needs to be changed.
Email or Fax or Mail us a sample of a tag you have seen or are presently using. 
Create a design of your own and email it to us.

We can advise what additional setup charges will apply.